Lene Bergersen

Webex Devices UX Manager

Passionate skier, conscientious about everything, hopeless multitasker

Starting out in life as a competitive athlete in rhythmic gymnastics, and later in running and skiing, I learned early that success never comes by itself. It comes through setting high and clear goals, make a plan, and then work really, really hard to reach them – dedicated and without compromises – yet observant enough to change the plan when necessary. It also thought me not only how awarding reaching those high goals are, but how the hard work itself gives this immense feeling of mastery in what you are doing.

I think I take a lot of that with me in both my work and personal life, to always be on this journey towards being my best self, both in what I do and in who I am to others. And in work as in sports, I believe many would describe me as dedicated, conscientious, structured, and not willing to compromise much on delivering only the best experiences to our users. However, I do fail terribly at being my best self when it comes to get up early in the morning, and you will rarely find me first in the office.

I started in Cisco in October 2012, as an interaction designer, and became UX manager in January 2017. Having worked on a multitude of products, and in both small and large teams and organizations, my priorities and ambitions as a manager is my team first and foremost. To help them and make them help each other to be their best selves, to grow as individuals and as a team, to stay motivated and dedicated and to reach our goals, and to do so with that immense feeling of mastery. And I have learned that that does not only come by providing clear goals for our business and guidance to best design practice, or to fight a lot of battles on their behalf, but to listen to their goals, understand what their challenges are and what they think we need to do to, and use that and my role to influence our business direction.

On my free time I am a passionate skier, especially in vast mountain landscapes and faces that makes you feel small and totally in that moment, but I also love going cross country skiing in the forests of Oslo. In the summer I climb those mountains instead, and I love hanging out with my family and friends by the ocean. My Australian soon-to-be husband tries to teach me how to surf, so perhaps that will become my next passion 🙂