Heather Moore

Marketing Communications Design Manager

Mother of Dragons(aka daughters), traveling gypsy, food & fun enthusiast

Growing up “down the shore” in New Jersey, I pursued all things artistic and enjoyed living on a farm with horses, llamas and many other animals. Then, I moved to the gulf coast of Florida where I attended the Ringling College of Art & Design. Earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with honors, I majored in Graphic and Interactive Communication and minored in Photography. After graduation in 1998, I drove 3000 miles to pursue my dreams in Northern California.

In San Francisco, I worked for Digitas designing and art directing for Fortune 100 companies like Charles Schwab, Dell, Hewlett Packard, AT&T, and Nicholas Applegate. Then at an agency called Nine Dots, I was an Art Director for online marketing for clients such as Wells Fargo and Turbo Tax. For the next few years following that, I worked independently doing marketing design for a variety of clients including small businesses, music bands, restaurants, artists and entrepreneurs. The website that I designed for a retail clothing store lead to my next major endeavor.

From 2002 to 2007, as the Creative Director for an Interactive Marketing company, I developed an on-site cross channel marketing and promotion system that was implemented at Westfield shopping centers and several of the country’s largest fairs and events. I was responsible for all branding, signage, promotional materials, websites, emails, videos and multimedia surveys that attracted millions of participants to touch-screen kiosks.

In 2005, inspired by my hairless dog and his vast wardrobe, I self-published my first children’s book tilted “Why Does Everyone Stare at Me? The Story of a Hairless Dog”. Through my own marketing efforts both on and offline, I sold out of the first 1000 copies, shipping them to many countries and dozens of US states, and then continued to sell through an on-demand publisher.

In 2007- 2008 I was a contractor at Smith & Hawken where I redesigned aspects of their website adding new interactive functionality. This lead to my next position where I stayed for 9 years.

From 2008 to 2017, I worked at Restoration Hardware (Now RH) as their Senior Web Designer. It was an exciting time with new product direction incurring record-breaking sales and the launch of many new brands. My responsibilities included concepting, designing, art-directing and coding email campaigns, banner ads and other digital marketing for RH Interiors, Outdoor, Modern, Baby & Child, Teen, Outlet, Contract, Contemporary Art, Membership and Interior design services in addition to Geo-targeted Gallery & events emails. Averaging 20-25 emails per week, The RH list alone went to over 2.8 million subscribed customers 5 days a week and a single email was able to generate over 500k in tracked sales. We analyzed data weekly to drive increased results and do A/B tests to prove greatest effectiveness. Emails were segmented into multiple lists so that our communications were tailored to their audience.

In 2017, I joined Cisco and my favorite team ever! As the Marketing Communications Design Manager on the Customer Success Team, I design emails, landing pages and digital signage that inform and educate Cisco Webex customers. We guide IT admins and end users through the set up and adoption process, product updates, and best practices.

My family and I love living on Las Gallinas Creek in San Rafael, California. In addition to my husband and two daughters, I live with a hairless dog, 2 geckos, a Ball Python snake, water turtle and 5 backyard hens. My hobbies include photography, painting, attending art shows and museums, theater, mountain biking, kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, volunteering and the pursuit of all things fun and entertaining.