Christopher Riggs

Creative Director

Inquisitive, imaginative, empathetic

I’m a traditionally trained visual designer (from the era of QuarkXPress, html, Flash, and aesthetically frustrating tiny type). I cut my teeth working first at a music/video distribution company, then a small brand design agency. In the early 2000s I went to graduate school to investigate how I could use the language and toolkit of design to tackle problems I cared deeply about. This ambition led me to complete my master’s thesis entitled Aqua. Aqua is an immersive experience and campaign intended to heighten awareness and action around the interconnectedness of people with the world’s precious and fragile oceans. This was my foray into doing purpose-driven design work.

After working with Bay Area design agencies-MOD, Celery Design Collaborative, and IDEO-I joined the design and strategy consultancy SYPartners where I did a wide range of interesting work for 12 years. As a Creative Director at SYP I led teams to help organizations-through hands on, collaborative methodologies-uncover and articulate their unique brand essence, story, and offering. This work took many forms, including immersive environments, business strategies, visual narratives, tools and learning experiences, digital interactions, campaigns, and new brand identities and expressions. Some brands I’ve been fortunate to work with include Starbucks, Hyatt, Jawbone, eBay, Facebook, Google, Exploratorium, Activision/Blizzard, Kaiser Permanente, and Nike.

As a designer, I’m fired up by simplicity (not to be confused with minimalism), photography that feels genuine, elegant and colloquial writing, intuitive experiences, and smart juxtapositions. I live in California with my wife and daughter. We have a Betta fish named Scampi. I love surfing, taking photos, eating sushi, and playing drums.