Our Purpose

Unlock the power of inspired teams.

It’s both what we do for our own workplace and for those who use our products. With holistic, focused, and inspired designs throughout our Cisco Webex portfolio, we improve the experience of collaboration for over 95% of Fortune 500 businesses. And we’re not planning on stopping there.

We’re committed to design excellence and are proud to make world-class products. We work hard to stay that way.

Our Path

Collaboration is a continuous experience.

It needs to be seamless. From joining a meeting on the go to whiteboarding in a physical space, moving through digital collaboration means using many tools. Connecting those tools through holistic design is our path.

Our holistic design comes from empowered autonomous teams that work together to drive change not only within Cisco, but also the industry. We challenge current trends, conduct thorough research, and make information accessible.

Fulfilling our promise to deliver the best collaboration experience means creating strong business alignment, shipping regularly, and building bridges between products and people. That’s our specialty.

Our People

Do better, together.

The Design Group is a Red Dot award-winning team full of fantastic, fun, and talented people. Working cross-functionally and across the globe every day expands our design horizons, growing our body of skills and knowledge. And because of our team’s daily collaboration, encouragement, and support, we own our design decisions with confidence and become ever better at what we do.

We believe:

  • Great ideas can come from anyone.
  • Innovation takes risk, but it’s worth the reward.
  • Diversity, individuality, and inclusion are part of a successful community.

Get to know the team and you’ll see.

Our Perks

Connect and Learn

Knowledge sharing is critical to our success. We take the time to share our observations, challenges, and ideas with regular get-togethers.

Workshops and annual events help us work toward our goals with other designers, product managers, and engineers.

  • We hold large internal meetups annually, where we present talks, demo our ideas, and workshop through a variety of topics.
  • Smaller workshops, like our Cisco Design Thinking course, focus on team building and foundational learning.
  • We encourage designers to organize meetups with others in the industry in the area, apply for speaking engagements, and host workshops. It’s a great opportunity for designers to be visible in the community and build a global brand.

All-Hands sessions are held once a quarter. They include updates to business strategy, product direction, and team news. We love celebrating our team accomplishments and individual achievements.

Conferences, workshops, and business trips are a fun and easy way to stay aware of the latest industry trends. In other words, we always keep a suitcase and a notebook handy!

Mentor and Be Mentored

There’s so much we can learn from one another. Take advantage of these programs to grow in new directions.

  • Growth and development from managers is critical to your personal success. We recognize that good managers are just as important as a good job.
  • Design challenges are a great way for our creatives to keep on creating. Bounce ideas around and keep your skills sharp.
  • Local community engagement programs like our Expert Speaker Series or our Resume Reviews connect our teams with industry experts and new talent.

Have Some Fun

  • Team lunches and happy hours keep our bellies full and our minds going.
  • Quarterly local outings to places like chocolate factories, ballparks, and vineyards spur our imaginations and create strong team connections.
  • Cooking classes and holiday parties are on the calendar, too!

Enjoy Your Benefits

  • Global benefits include our colleague recognition, employee stock purchase programs, paid time off to volunteer, and more!
  • Depending on your location, additional benefits like medical insurance plans, 401k plans, generous paid time off, onsite health and fitness centers, onsite child daycare, and subsidized public transportation may be available.

 Love Your Workspace

  • Inspiring workspaces
  • State-of-the-art demo facilities
  • Bring your pup to work at our dog-friendly offices
  • Some locations have EV parking so you can charge your car during the day